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Austin Carmichael, better known as Aussyy, is a 22-year-old recording artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. He is not just a musician, but also an actor, model, social media influencer, and, most importantly, a suicide survivor. Despite facing numerous challenges in life, including growing up with an abusive father and witnessing his mother being stabbed 35 times, Austin has emerged as a survivor with a powerful story to tell. After completing his high school education at Fairfield High School, Austin joined the Air Force but eventually realized that the traditional work world was not for him. He went on to attend Miami University, where he studied Criminal Justice. However, he found that no aspect of this world suited him. In 2021, Austin attempted suicide due to feeling like nothing was going right for him and feeling like a burden to others. Even seeking the help of a therapist did not work, and he was sent home with a bottle of medicine. After that last visit, he took almost a whole bottle of pills (Zoloft) and tried to take his life. Fortunately, he survived and realized that death was not the answer. Austin now uses his experience as a suicide survivor to help others and showcases another way of living and thinking outside of suicide. He uses his love for music to write and sing/rap about his experiences and has already made significant progress in his music career.

In 2021, Austin performed one of his tracks, "Late at Night" in the PBS TV studios for a special on mental health. He also appeared in two movies with his original song "Rest in Peace" featured in Perc30. Austin has also appeared in two award-winning ARC12 TV project shows dealing with the realness surrounding mental health. With a strong desire to help people and inspire others, Austin has grown his media following from 10,000 to about 40,000 in just six months. He is committed to using his platform to save and help as many people as possible. His mission in life is to be a leader and an inspiration to others. As Austin puts it, "People saw my looks and the lifestyle I lived and never thought that someone like me could think about suicide ever. Well, they’re wrong. I was battling demons every day".

Aussy takes his music to the next level, using his experience and his new knowledge on mental health to inspire others. Through his music, Austin powerfully professes, "Devil almost had me but he wasn't that clever, glad I'm still here and I made it through the weather". He closes by saying, "I just didn’t have anyone I could relate to, now y’all can relate to me because I’m as real as it gets. Thank you".

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