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Shawn "Chase Chambers" Reece, born on January 4th 1993 started out with Gospel music, singing and playing the keyboard for Sjuwana Byers and The Children Of God. Shawn started singing and rapping at the age of 8, adopting the stage name Chase Chambers from an on-looker who watched him as he performed downtown. Chase was affiliated with "The LoverBoys" from the age of 8, until the age of 15. Upon entering his sophomore year in high school, Chase decided it would be in his best interest to become an independent artist. Not long after breaking off from "The LoverBoys" Chase was associated with "Do the Wave", a song sweeping Cincinnati, with artist New Money and the Wave Gang. He would later be associated with "Watch Me Do", another song that was well-known in his hometown of Cincinnati with artist Cash x3 and Heartbreak ENT. Music has always been and outlet for Shawn. He also devoted a portion of his time to sports which kept him out of trouble, growing up in Northside. However, he always resulted back to music specifically.

After assuring his loved ones that he would make certain that they would never have to struggle anymore, Shawn felt that it was his responsibility to use the gift that he was presented with. After losing his younger brother, Shawn concentrated on his music more than ever. He released his first mixtape "The Departure" which earned 15,000 downloads. Shortly after, he released his second mixtape "Trapped for 3 Days". These days, Chase is more focused than ever on his music. His time consist of composing music, recording new tracks, and perfecting his craft. Living by the proverbs "God doesn't make mistakes" and "They can't stop what was meant to be", Shawn will remain devoted to his music and to the promise made his family.

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