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Introducing Darion Exavier "Mr. Presidential," an esteemed artist and songwriter hailing from Dallas, Texas. His journey in the music industry began with his feature in the music video "All My Niggas" back in 2012, marking the start of a captivating and unique experience. Since then, Darion has released 12 singles, accompanied by six music videos such as "MELT," "Mafia Music," "My City," "AfterAffects," "HUSTLE," and "INSPIRATION," which has already garnered an impressive 10k views.Motivated by his two daughters, Ah'Mari (10) and Ah'Brielle (1). Darion strives for a better quality of life and envisions music as his canvas, with beats and lyrics serving as the paint. As both a business and an artist, his ultimate goals include achieving platinum-selling records, charting in Billboard's Top 20, receiving Best New Artist nominations, and much more. With the backing of DynastyEmpireNetworksLLC, Darion Exavier "Mr. Presidential" is poised to become a household name, graced by the powers that be. Join them on their journey to a higher calling and witness the undeniable impact they are making not only in Dallas, Texas, but on a global scale. Stay tuned for the rise of DDARION EXAVIER MR.PRESIDENTIAL & Dynasty Empire Networks LLC.

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