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Kellz Keno (Miykele Alon Rose) was Born on September 22, 2000 and in Detroit, Michigan. Kellz had a passion for music since the age of 5, where he would be surrounded by family and his own father who made music as well. He also gained influences from legendary such as T.I., Young Jeezy, Detroit legend K-Deezy, and many more. At the age of 9, he drew inspiration from Atlanta artist such as Tha Joker and Yung L.A. and by the time he was 11, wrote his first song. He would constantly write for fun with his brother and would always try to look for instrumentals of classic songs on YouTube. When he was in high school, Keno’s favorite artist consist of more Atlanta talent such as Rich Homie Quan, Migos, and Young Thug and by 11th grade, he was back to writing after stopping for a while. Kellz officially started recording in May of 2019 and dubbed the name H.Y.E (Honor Your Existence) Kellz. His code he lives by was stand on honor and always grew based on being strong minded and willed. Keno also has a few visuals in that timeframe, as well as 2 EPs, many singles, and 2 mixtapes. As an artist, he has been performing officially since June of 2020 and has been developing his sound and how to face a crowd. His versatility shows all throughout his catalog, as he can go from Melodic Rap to Lyrical Hip Hop. Keno’s many genres he’s influenced by are Rap, Hip Hop, Rock, R&B, and more recently, Reggae.

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