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Winston-Salem, North Carolina native Kteeeezy is making his name known nationwide through releasing turnt up yet resonating records. The rapper is 28 years old and he is most known for his record “Juice & $auce” which is currently at 42K views on Youtube. When it comes to his journey of bursting into the music scene, he started off playing around with his voice through freestyling. “My brothers would listen to a lot of music and I would listen to their playlist. I eventually started freestyling off beats which led to me taking music seriously in 2019.” He would apply the songs to his real life and eventually used it as an outlet for his troubled reality. While he is able to make some serious songs, he finds himself releasing mostly turn up songs. When it comes to motivation, he uses his son and family to keep him going and his passion to inspire others. Kteeeezy is inspired by rap stars Gucci Mane and Future and sees himself leaving the same influence they’ve had on the culture.

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