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The Trill Southside MVP

What does it mean to be a natural? MVP Larro was born on May 10 in Yellowstone, Houston, Texas. His love for music is influenced by southside legends DJ Screw, Big Moe, and Lil’ Keke to say the least. Being met with adversary at a young age MVP Larro was incarcerated at the age of 12 and became a father at the age of 16. From the beginning, MVP Lerro has had an innate gift for composing raps and rhymes. His talent is undeniable because he is incorporating word play and authenticity within his creative process. On a mission to facilitate the revival of the classic sounds of Houston’s southside MVP Larro was invited to open up for “Ralfy the Plug”. Moving very player is moving with purpose. With the drive of family orientation MVP Larro decided to start taking his music seriously in January of 2022.

This “King of One Takes” is a smooth talker with a smooth taste. “Bringing back real emcees is my mission… The game is about a aesthetics. A rapper might not have the bars, but he has the look – – I have both. My wordplay is that of a real MC and as an MVP I only wear “Dickies”, that’s my MO.” Moving with patience, intent, and a clear head has led MVP Larro to acquire a dream team of producers.

Late October 2022, MVP Larro journeyed to San Antonio and drafted his now team, consisting of: @Jonahturnmeup, @Saintmixedit & @Skully a.k.a. the San Antonio Spurs. Heavily influenced by the love that he receives in San Antonio the trio went on to produce and engineer MVP Larro’s debut EP “Larry Popovich”. MVP Larro’s authentic southside flare was not made or caused by mankind. His sound is curated by him living and existing in his true nature.

For the year of 2023, MVP Larro took the industry by storm releasing “Reverse Parking” on January 13. It did numbers and is climbing each day solidifying a truly authentic southside wave. Be sure to stream“Reverse Parking” on all streaming platforms and look out for MVP Larro on the music and fashion scene! Check out his feature with Dickies and be on the lookout for his custom looks coming soon to consumers.

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