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Let's dive into it. We got Nero IV straight outta Chicago, IL, droppin' some serious fire with his music that's like a window into his wild life. From the gritty streets to the highs and lows, Nero's lyrics paint a vivid picture of his journey. With the sound that hit hard and lyrics that stay stuck to you, his music is a true reflection of his hustle and passion. So get ready to vibe and experience the realness that Nero bringing to the game.

Rocking the mic since he was 16, NERO IV is one of Chicago’s rising stars. His lyrical range and ability to deliver captivating storytelling examines life’s complexities throughout the streets, putting him at the forefront of his contemporaries. NERO IV began gaining traction in 2021 when his popular Chicago juke inspired hit single, “Pop Baby”, went viral garnering over 200K streams across YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, keeping him in constant rotation across local radio airwaves at Power 92.3.

After having lost many close friends and family to gun violence and life behind bars, NERO IV turned his pen to rhymes to keep his grip on his sanity and escape the grit and struggle of his surrounding community as witnessed in his latest song “Vegas Nights”. He takes pride in leveraging music as a platform to demonstrate his principles and sense of honor, allowing him to maintain common ground with his fans across the world. NERO IV has headlined sold-out shows across the Midwest and consistently performs at music showcases, SXSW, college homecomings and private events. For more information on booking please email

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