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Chris Co, better known by his stage name C-Diffy, is an American Rapper, Producer, and Songwriter from Dallas, Tx. Catching inspiration from the likes of Tupac, XXXTentacion, J-Cole, and Mac Miller, creating music provided Diffy with an outlet to be heard while managing his inner struggles. The moniker C-Diffy is short for “See Different” or “Chris is Different”, phrases the 23-year-old musician heard constantly growing up. With over 100,000 accumulated streams on Spotify, songs such as “R.I.P Everyone”, “NSFW”, “What’s Love”, and “Noddin Off” showcases Diffy’s versatility, range of flows, and storytelling ability. From Partying all night to introspective thoughts about mental health, C-Diffy doesn’t shy away from expressing his outlandish thoughts in the way he wants them expressed.