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HeroGawd was born on November 18th, 1990 and raised in Jersey City, NJ. His creative talents don't stop at just recording music, he is also a producer, engineer & songwriter. Back in 2015, His biggest single "Mama Rich" produced by him, caught the attention of the Tri-State area being played by Dj Clue, Dj SoDrewski, Dj Wallah & Dj Spinking.

He followed up with the music video which premiered on BET Jamz & top box on Worldstarhiphop. With the success of his single, HeroGawd began doing shows and collaborating with various artists. After moving to Atlanta he then released "No Luv Left" which is another anthem in his hometown speaking on the violence going on in his city. The move to Atlanta allowed him to collab and network with more artists and creators which led to his next big single "Run It Up Shorty" featuring Shona. This song created another wave for his city because it catered to his hometown's sound of blends and uptempo drums. He continued to release projects like "In Gawd We Trust", and "Thin Line Between Love & Hate 1 & 2", which led to his single "She The Plug" featuring Da Baby. As he continues to grow as a musician, he plans to keep perfecting his craft and establishing himself in the industry as one of the elite pioneers in the game. His latest project "Rich Regawdless" was released on March 25th, 2022.