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I'm based in Fort Worth, Texas. I Started Making Music in 2015, Releasing my first song say that again in 2016. I released it over the radio in states like Atlanta Georgia, Miami Florida, Dallas Texas, and hot 97. I had my first show in Atlanta Georgia at the end of 2016 being invited out by a producer who worked with artists such as Young Jeezy, T.I., and Young Dro. In 2021 I decided to take music seriously releasing my first single "Bigalow' out to streaming Platforms. Reaching over 300,000 streams in the first year. I've got to perform in venues like "A taste of Philly", Fusha's Lounge, Bucks' cabaret, and various bars and nightclubs downtown Fort Worth on 7th street. My genre of music is hip hop, Rap, and R&B.

If I had to describe my style it's a mix of up-tempo, down south, and up north mix. my style and sound are unique and captivating. My influences on music stem from my father he always loved music and I inherited the love and passion for it. My musical influence of course stems from Ice Cube, Kanye, Z-ro, Aaliyah, and the Gorillaz group. I can honestly say I listen to just about every artist and every genre depending on the day so it's hard for me to say. I've released over 8 singles. "Bigalow, round my city, St Patrick, Senorita, 808, Akuna Matata, Tattoos, Desi Desi, Type", and the latest being "love letter". My newest single "Hot N*gga Summer" will be released on all platforms on May 31st, 2022. My most noticeable show has been at Emerald city in Dallas Tx. stemming with a large crowd in attendance. My most notable appearance has been on the radio. Being interviewed by Mrs. Keisha and the eye am radio cast was one of my most exciting interviews ever. Right now, I'm planning a tour while recording my first debut album, and being independent with no label backing is a grind. I'm built for it!

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