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In a world of followers who play the game of follow the leader it is bold to be authentic. What does that truly mean ? To be authentic? Genuinely bona fide is what it means – – to be actually exactly what is said and claimed to be. Born December 11 of Yellowstone, Houston, Texas, Roc Bee grew up surrounded by music. Where some artists have labels develop them as artists Roc Bee had in house artist development through the likes of his close knitted family. “I never started love, music – – I’ve been loving music, since I was a child. My P-Pa was a DJ, and I just always loved music.” Roc Bee’s unorthodox flow is attributed to his upbringing. He “grew up in a two parent household, but everything wasn’t gravy.” “Pops got locked up when I was 15, so I had to become the man fast.” “No name Roc Bee”, is an artist that you here before you see. His influences Include Lil’ Flip and his older cousins. His life changing moment was finding out that his mom had Parkinson’s then finding out that his grandma had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Motivated, Roc Bee went into tunnel vision mode and tuned in to the betterment of his family’s lives as a whole. “Had to cut them off I mean people and feelings.” Driven to be the author of his circumstances like a true creative in 2010 Roc Bee launched “S.T.A.$.H.”, Set Trends And $uccess Happens His clothing line attests to his unorthodox flow and day-to-day life. “Watch me turn nothing into something feel like I’m an alchemist.” The precedents that “Real Regular Roc Bee” has set with his music have not gone unnoticed. His performances are live, direct and active. The “people be jamming” and know all the words to his songs. The “No Name Guy but He Gotta name” dropped “How you live”, the visual, a collaborative project with $heaz and it is truly all bars no hooks. His penmanship is on full display. His ballad to his come up “Lord Knows” paints pictures of successful wishing and winning through metaphors and methodical word play. “Been cold like winter season.” In celebration of his birthday Roc Bee released “Chimney Music”, a 12 song EP that’s available on all streaming platforms. His next venture as a creative is his custom yearbook “KNOWN STRANGERS” where he will shed light on other artists and entrepreneurs who are ringing bells without making a sound within their industries. “Lord Knows”, the visual is going up daily now on YouTube!

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