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Nyjah Monique was born in Newark, NJ. The first entry in her baby book was, "you love music. all kinds." Who knew how pivotal that statement would be in her life? She had a unique upbringing that allowed her to experience different lifestyles, meet people from all different walks of life, and unconventionally learn a lot. One of her fondest memories is when her mom's then-boyfriend taught her to DJ using vinyl records. She would later record her very own mixtape. She picked up the clarinet at 6, played for 11 years, and marched in a multi-award-winning band. A project she still remembers writing in elementary school was about Lauryn Hill's Every Ghetto, Every City. It was to highlight a song that spoke about her home state. Nyjah always gravitated to that song because it referenced the streets and areas where she grew up. She was taken to her first concert as a child and fell in love with live music performances. She's seen 125 artists perform live and plans to triple that in the next three years. The albums that shaped her childhood and influence her today are The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, Share My World and The Velvet Rope. Her world shattered when her mother said they were moving to Columbia, South Carolina. The change of pace and scenery allowed her creativity to flourish, although she resisted the move. Nyjah spent a lot of time alone because she was in a new state, and her introversion wouldn't allow her to step out of her comfort zone. She taught herself to play the piano by ear during that alone time.

In 2003 Nyjah began creating mixed CDs for herself. The CDs were so good she was commissioned to curate them for a retail store in her local mall. Her creativity expanded into makeup artistry. She studied the craft relentlessly and thanks her mom for gifting her a M.A.C. Cosmetics training manual which helped tremendously. She wouldn't know where that passion would land her when she grew up. After graduating high school, she quickly realized college wasn't for her during her first year but decided to enjoy it to the fullest. She dropped out and began working various full-time jobs in retail. Nyjah continued to elevate her makeup skills with freelance work for weddings, birthdays, and special events. In 2010 she decided to reenroll in college and finish what she left behind. She once again dropped out and began working in real estate. After two promotions within a year, Nyjah managed a successful sales team. Life would take a twist and land her in Houston, Texas 2015. Nyjah found herself isolated again in a new state, pushing her further into her creativity. She started a youtube page featuring makeup tutorials, and within a few months, she landed a job at M.A.C. Cosmetics. It was a dream come true. Her best friend sent her a Spotify playlist to listen to and enjoy. Nyjah was blown away by the sounds of artists like ABRA, Doja Cat, SZA, and Kilo Kish. She was introduced to Alternative R&B, fell in love, and made a playlist. She moved to Atlanta in 2016. That move inspired her in more ways than one. She created her own organic skincare company, The Natural Antidote, and it took off. Her makeup artist skills were put to use when she landed a job as the makeup artist for a tv show host. As she explored the culture of Atlanta, she got more submerged in the alternative creative scene. Her networking yielded experiences like receiving an all-access pass to A3C Festival, which exposed her to endless new music artists and knowledge from heavy hitters in the industry. Nyjah also began consulting creative entrepreneurs and helping with brand identity. She assisted radio personalities, personal trainers, visual artists, chefs, and more. She finally graduated college in 2018 with a B.S. in Human Services. After three years in Atlanta, she decided to explore all her career options and became a flight attendant in 2019. The job moved her to Washington, D.C. she again found herself alone in a new place. The job presented plenty of traveling experiences and opportunities to expose her to many new people. After the pandemic, she decided to leave that job. Nyjah became the general manager of a startup massage boutique in 2021. She challenged herself to lead, recruit, and inspire her staff as she worked to get a new business up and running successfully. She tirelessly worked at jobs but always felt something was missing. She became an Account Executive for a digital marketing agency in 2022. That job exposed her to big names of big businesses and taught her things she would later incorporate into her business. The dissatisfaction continued to linger. Nyjah hosted her first major event, the Throwback Cookout in May of 2022 in Atlanta. It was a success. She decided to bet on herself. She launched aRt 'n B podcast in August 2022. The first season ranked in the top 30% of podcasts shared globally on Spotify. Her playlists reached the top 10% of user-created playlists on the platform. She started Savory Records to build a platform led by and centered around black women in the music industry. She continues to do event planning in Atlanta. She also launched her creative agency. Nyjah is currently working on season 2 of aRt 'n B and preparing to produce her first show called Pillow Talk, premiering in spring. She loves all types of music, but her current favorite artists include Kaytranada, The Internet, Ari Lennox, Robert Glasper, IDK, J.I.D, and Earthgang. Nyjah has no plans to assimilate into the music industry. Her goal is to be the blueprint. She's just getting started.

aRt 'n B

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