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Introducing the music industry's mental therapy. Jaimmie Thomas, known as YSTRESS (YS or Stress for short), was born in Chicago, Ill on August 28, 1987.

Introducing the music industry's mental therapy. Jaimmie Thomas, known as YSTRESS (YS or Stress for short), was born in Chicago, Ill on August 28, 1987. He moved to White Cloud, MI at the age of 4 and remained in the Midwest for 11 years before moving to Baltimore, MD at the age 15. He found his love for recording music at age 17 while messing around in the studio with some friends. His first song written and recorded was called “Stay Strapped" where he instantly fell in love with music. “Welcome to Bangerville” was his first mixtape which featured other local artists, which was put on After having his first child, Ja’Niyah, at age 21, YStress decided to start his own empire known as “Grill'em Up Ent (G.U.E.)” stemming from the hit single “Grill’em Up” off of the 2xclusive pt. 2 mixtapes, connecting with many different artists throughout the state of Maryland. YStress has also collaborated with many labels and groups, such as True Testimony Ent (TTE), Squirt Boy Official (SBO), Street Team, Better Greater Music Group, Stunt Music Group, and more.

YStress moved to Atlanta following the birth of his oldest daughter and created G.U.E. South, allowing him to recruit more artists throughout the outscurts of Atlanta to be a part of the GUE movement. Inspired by many different artists known personally, but one in particular, Anthony B, a very passionate artist who introduced him to inspirational music and the youth who he notices, loves his music. He began changing the way he views himself as a Father, and as an independent artist. Due to youth restrictions from reciting every word to his songs by foul language, he immediately said to himself, "I'm no longer cursing in my music, "he said. He jumped from hotel-to-hotel hustling and recording music for 3 years before leaving to Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2015 and having a second daughter named Jaiyda. In 2018, YStress moved to Houston, Texas where he packed everything including his family and hit the road seeking family support and management team, such as Mr. Midwest, Pm from XtraOrdinary Ent, Carolina Heat, Blame It on the DJ, Gimow, Sketti on the beat, and more.

YStress has produced up to almost 30 mixtapes/albums as an artist and as an engineer; Undeniable, Zonin, Chapter 30, DangerZone pt. 1 and 2 - The Invasion pt. 1 and 2, Re-Installation, and Chi-Towns Finest just to name a few. He has 5 official music videos. Bruce Lee" Edited by Trevor Brooks and Directed by Athiwat Saleesby who also co-edited from Let's Get It Media who played as in extra in "Black Panther", "She Hulk" and more. Athiwat Saleesby also Directed the "Stress-Free" music video.

He is now back in Baltimore, Maryland finishing up rebranding and rebuilding himself and his team and supporters and has dropped many singles, mixtapes and his Highly anticipated project titled “Stress-Free” which is now available on all platforms. After submitting his song," Undeniable" which featured artist known as Chilly, to movies and video games and more, the song was finally selected to be featured on," NBA 2k21" Next Gen Soundtrack. He has performed at many exclusive events such as, "Coast 2 Coast" placing in first place, and a chance to win 50,000, also performed at SXSW in Austin, Texas, and more. His most recent project released on all platforms called, "Hip Hop Hitman" which features a very multi-talented artist known as T9 Da Prince, "Rebirth of Music", is a sure classic. After Having His third child and first son, Prince, he is finally finishing up his First real solo Album and Highly anticipated body of work, "Stress-Release" which will be dropping soon, until then, live stress-free........stay tuned.

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