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or Big214, is an independent American recording artist and producer from Dallas, Texas. Amongst the dark streets of Dallas, Zay is a shining star who casts his light on the city and other nations thru his dynamic versatile style of rap and hip hop. Surfacing the music scene in late 2017 early 2018 with hits like “Flat Man”, “Never Lack”, and “Splat”- which was produced by Pierre Bourne. Big214 brought a new raw sound to the world with a lot of energetic verses, creative adlibs, and catchy hooks-speaking about his experiences and hardships faced as a youth in the streets of Dallas most notably Oak Cliff where his roots reside. Zay has expressed himself in many different deliveries and it shows through the growth in his discography. Years 2018-2021 projects like “All Off A Jugg”(2018)“Juggtober”(2018) “Sin City” Vol 1-3 (2018-2021) and “Riko Sosa”(2020) displayed a variety of sounds and original flows and eventually seeing brief success with Single “Up” amassing over 1million plays across all platforms but notably on SoundCloud in 2020.

After a slight intermission Zay has returned this summer in 2022 with his new album “Stack & Save” which is his 9th independent studio release revealing a more laid back, smooth, melodic side of himself while still maintaining catchy creative flows and hooks. Zay tells a story of how he endured pain and betrayal during his career, in relationships, and in the streets. He speaks on how he overcame his obstacles by cutting unnecessary distractions, focusing more on his money, and the business side of the music industry. On this album with out hardly raising his voice, Zay delivers an impactful message to the community- Focus on yourself, stack your money, and most importantly love yourself.

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