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Mukonii is a Music Database platform that creates digital EPKs (Electronic Press Kits) for independent artists, producers, DJs, journalists, record labels, and more. Our search database compiles all these profiles to maximize discovery and to produce our monthly music chart. 

Mukonii was founded in 2021 by Ronald Osborne after shutting down his internet radio station, The Kicback. During that time he realized how much he loved discovering new music artists but many will go undiscovered due to a lack of professionalism and preparation. Being a problem-solving creator he began to design Mukonii with his sights set on introducing the world to one another. "There's a new icon being created every day my job is to showcase them to the world" - Ronald Osborne  

Today Mukonii houses numerous digital EPKs of the next wave of music artists, Djs, Record Labels, producers and more just search for them. 

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