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From her first album Soundz to her more recent project titled Backseat Classixx Vol. 1, R&B singer/songwriter KiKi has provided fans with the popular 90s R&B vibe mixed with some modern sounds. Born and raised in Tyler, TX, (currently residing in Dallas, TX) KiKi began singing R&B at a very young age. Once she was introduced to influential R&B artists such as Mary J. Blige, Jodeci, and Ginuwine, she immediately fell in love with music and singing. When she started college, she started to work with local artists by helping to write and was featured on hooks and background vocals. She started writing her own music prior but did not record her first song until she was 19. From then on, KiKi knew that she belonged in the studio. Through her music, KiKi has been able to be open on topics such as love, sex, heartbreak, and mental health. Her lyrics are raw and tell stories of her experiences of living and learning throughout her 20s. Currently, KiKi is working on her new album Soundz II and continues to work with other artists behind the scenes.

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