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AIR SKY is one of the hottest singer/songwriters in Dallas, TX. While being raised in Garland, TX, she couldn’t help but to engage with the beautiful aspects of music. Around age 14, AIR SKY started playing her blue keyboard and wrote songs about how she was feeling at the time. She performed in school talent shows and in church choirs to perfect her alluring harmonies. At the time, it was hard for AIR to express her inner self as a child. Believe it or not, she was quite introverted.

After AIR graduated from college with an associates in Science, she dropped out. She knew that nursing wasn’t for her and wanted to do something that would feel right and help HER express herself. At age 22, she realized music was the only way to reveal her true self. AIR SKY then started singing at different open mics, gaining an enormous selection of connections and continuing to create such spectacular music. She has opened up for Mulatto, Ginuwine and has also performed in cities like Austin, Houston, ATL, Miami, and LA. She also dropped an EP called “Euphony” in December to show off her vocal range and miraculous skills with harmonies. While being on this journey for 3 1/2 years, she is now one of the top RNB singers in Dallas today.

AIR SKY is the Queen of Vibes and always will be.

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