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Coming from New Orleans Louisiana, music and performing have been such a big part of my life. Both my parents had bands and played throughout the city

As a singer-songwriter hailing from the vibrant streets of New Orleans, Louisiana, I’ve soaked up the soulful rhythms and infectious beats that pulse through this city. Music isn’t just a career for me—it’s my heartbeat, my refuge, and my reason for waking up each day. The Melodic Fusion My genre is a fusion of pop, hip-hop, and neo-soul. Imagine the smooth cadence of neo-soul meeting the energetic pulse of hip-hop, all wrapped up in catchy pop melodies. It’s a musical journey that invites listeners to groove, reflect, and connect.

Streaming Everywhere you can find my tracks on all major platforms—Spotify, Apple Music, and beyond. My local following has been incredibly supportive, and I’m grateful for every listener who joins me on this ride. Together, we’re creating a sonic tapestry that transcends boundaries. Roots Run Deep Growing up, music was in my blood. Both my parents were musicians, weaving their magic through the streets of New Orleans. Their bands played at smoky jazz clubs, lively second lines, and intimate gatherings. I inherited their love for storytelling through song. Beyond Movement My music isn’t just about beats and hooks; it’s about emotions, memories, and shared experiences. It’s the soundtrack to late-night drives, heartbreaks, and moments of pure joy. When you listen to my songs, I want you to feel something—a connection that goes beyond mere movement. Join the Journey So, dear listener, whether you’re nodding your head to laid-back grooves or belting out lyrics in your car, I invite you to join me. Let’s explore how music can transform our lives, one soulful note at a time. Together, we’ll create an unforgettable musical experience.

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