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By partnering with us, you can play a pivotal role in supporting independent music and amplifying the voices of emerging artists.


Here are some ways in which we envision collaborating:


Content Distribution:


Showcase featured music videos from the countdown on your platform, reaching your audience and providing valuable exposure for participating artists.



Promotional Support:


Cross-promote the countdown through your marketing channels, including social media, newsletters, and website, to increase visibility and engagement.



Curatorial Input:


Provide expertise and guidance in the selection process, helping to identify standout music videos and align the countdown with your audience's preferences.



Sponsorship Opportunities:


Explore opportunities for sponsorship or co-branding, leveraging our respective networks and resources to enhance the impact of the countdown.



Monetization Benefits:


As an official distributor, you will receive monetization when your submitted video makes the Top 10. This provides an additional incentive for participation and supports the financial success of both the artists and our collaboration.


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