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You can be for the moment or you can be timeless. Native of Smackover, Arkansas and born, March 17, 1998, J1hunnit is a captivating lyricist that outworks the work. Being brought up in a single parent home J1hunnit decided that instead of waiting on an opportunity he would create his own life-changing moments. As an artist and a true entertainer, J1hunnit is a storyteller who takes people someplace and supplies them with what they didn’t know they wanted. His love of music, stems from fond memories with those closest to him. “My grandmother used to play a radio all day long when I was a kid. It’s therapeutic. Music is the past, present and future. It can change your mood in an instant. It’s powerful!“ As the patriarch of his family J1hunnit is here to provide substance within his music through informative, motivational, relatable, writing that sets the stage for longevity. “I’m lyrical, but not put in a conscious box. I can adapt to anything music wise— very versatile. I come from a place where most people don’t even realize exists.”

Through consistent hard work J1hunnit was signed to independent label “The Hip Hop Lab” and relocated to Detroit, Michigan where his love of family and his aspiration to give back to the broken up forgotten places has further blazed a trail for his emanate successes. His loyalty to his creative process paired with his humbleness has landed him with abundant collaborations with the likes of: Baby Tron, LouieRay, Sauce Walka, Shitty Boyz, Trouble and YN Jay to name a few. An unapologetic love and appreciation of self has him releasing projects on a consistent basis, and his numbers don’t lie. Losing his best friend and close cousin early poured gasoline on his ignited flames of passion for his artistry. He then elevated from his Spinrilla beginnings leading to today. He has released nine projects that are available on all major streaming platforms: “Arkansas‘s Blues”;“Black Sheep of the Family”; “Briefcase Boy”;”Mink Coat Music”; “Modern Day Classic”;”Motion”; “News You Can Use”; “On Display” and “Planet Spunk”. J1hunnit has classified himself as being “unapologetically me“ building a strong organic fan base of lifelong subscribers to his brand. On his journey to manifest destiny he works in the heat of the night after dark. J1hunnit proves there is a method to the madness of building generational wealth by showing the industry he is one of them. His so, so good music will tame the kraken that is main stream music. He is here to gain and maintain more leverage and establish himself further as a timeless, reputable creative. Be sure to follow J1hunnit on all social media and streaming platforms. Keep up with his boy meets world journey! News you can use 2 is coming soon!

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