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Jay From Dallas

Updated: Jun 12

I started singing at 9 and rapping at 11. I make soulful/chill music. I also make uptempo music with hard 808 drums inspired by my southside upbringing. I'm really fond of making music with samples and vocal chops, these usually give my music a very old school feel. I get a lot of my inspiration from the things I've been through, things others have been through, and other artist. I also get a good amount of my inspiration from things like Film, Fashion, Women, and books. Honestly inspiration can come from so many different places and things. I feel like i'm at my best when i'm inspired, I even have it tattooed on my arm.

I always bring amazing energy to venues. I love being on stage. I feel like it's the best part of being an artist because you can see how the music you make resonates with people in real-time and it's an amazing feeling. As far as features go I'm always aiming to bring my best to the table every time I work with someone. Iron sharpens Iron.