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"The state of matter That retains its shape and density when not confined. Being a solid is defined by resistance to change when immense force is applied."

Timothy Tolliver best known as Rocksolid Teezy came up the only male in a female-dominated household. Raised in a single-parent household native to the northside of Houston Texas, Rocksolid Teezy grew up as what he refers to as “a product of his environment.” Teezy grew up around nothing but hustlers. The man of the house as an adolescent, Rocksolid Teezy was groomed into manhood at an early age. “I had trap dreams not rap dreams…me and the Bros.”

The hustle brought about the responsibilities of adulthood along with all of the trimmings of manhood. Teezy made a name for himself on the northern side of Houston and even beyond his Antoine and De Soto block. With great fame came an even greater proposition. An epic phone call between Teezy and the late “B Down” resulted in a $12,000 in-home studio. Rocksolid Teezy, the artist, was born. The investments didn’t stop there. Rocksolid Teezy went on investing in himself through artist development. He recorded his first single with award-winning producer Bigg Cuzz on the Beat. To widen his stride to the top, Teezy acquired features from the likes of YFN Lucci, the late Young Dolph and Billboard 2021 top new artist winner Rod Wave. A trip to the guitar center ignited the flame that blazed the trail of Teezy’s imminent success. Turns out Teezy wasn’t a product of his environment. He is the product that made his environment. Rocksolid Teezy is a diamond in the dirt. “Broken Heart” - Rocksolid Teezy ft Rod Wave is out now on YouTube!

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