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Official lyrics for NRG (Energy) by Chance Who

Song: NRG

Written By: C C Watkins

Performed By: Chance Who

I am who I am

I’m not what I do

I’m more than a man

I’m much more than you

If I get the top it’s got to be sloppy on sloppy I’m talking disgusting

Lil mamas no thot but I don’t need nothin but for ya to pull up & fuck me

She beefin wit bro he did her girl dirty but you know the game it get ugly

I don’t do mess I don’t do stress that shit is bad for my money

No matter how lovely if I put you above it bae you know I’m real life a dummy

Rain sleet or sunny I gotta go get it & you know the boy greener than Gumby

I don’t do the fake shit I’ll step out naked

fo I step out diamonds rusty

My foot on ya neck, eyes on a check

My mouth on blunt a sumn skunky

Mind in the gutter my cup is still muddy

She think I’m lovely and I know it’s lusty

I wouldn’t lie to you bae you can trust me

I’ve been an angel and I been a husky

Check on my feet I’m not falling for nothing

Stealing from me he smokin on dumb green

Ain’t no good will when I get out here hunting

All that my mama say make sure ya gun clean

MC wit a hammer, who finna touch me

Stand-in my ground, who final jump me

AK named Ashton who finna punk me

Gassed up like Mapco who finna finna pump me

Don’t get all mad hoe, you aint seen Mapco

You aint left Dallas, you aint see nothing

blinder than ab-soul, bent like a bum knee

Bitch im an asshole why do you love me

I know who I am

if I aint shit

That shit aint shit to me

Hood nigga tendencies

might be the end of me

I really ain’t trippin b

I like big booty ratchets

no limit cash money and sticks and beams

And you can’t be around

If you ain’t bring that energy

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