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Buffalo New York, welcomed an icon on May 11, 1993. Born the third of six kids to both her parents, Chytrice came into the world as a vibrational, energetic creative. Music connoisseur Chytrice embarked into music as if you were her holy right. “Music is my frequency.” Mastering multiple instruments such as: the piano, the drums, the trumpet and the flute Chytrice was influenced by her parents. Being that both her parents are singer, songwriters music was a part of Chytrice’s personal development.

From watching her father sing and produce songs with a tracheotomy and touring from 1998 to 2006 Chytrice is no stranger to the art of production. “ I want you to feel the excitement of what melodies in 3 to 5 part harmonies can make you feel.” Dedicated to following highest self and soul wants and needs Chytrice has an extensive discography that evolves as she raises her vibration. Chytrice has five albums: “TKO” released in 2002; “Pastor Swayne and Family” released in 2004-2008; “Welcome to Our Praise”released in 2008; “My Dream” released in 2011. Entertaining extraordinaire Chytrice took the industry by storm with her hit collaborative single “Love Games” that was arranged by the MusixBox band. To expand her reach Chytrice dropped her pin in North, Houston, Texas. Chytrice went on to work with a plethora of Grammy award-winning producers to include “Go Grizzly”. With her experience of performing to 60,000 people, Chytrice has been bringing entertainment back to music by popular demand. Her intuitive nature allows for her to compose original works that are relatable and nurturing to the soul. Colorful, energetic, and bright Chytrice transmuted her creativity into baring life. The birth of her son changed her forever by elevating her work ethic to a new level. To date: she has landed a distribution deal with renowned independent label “Empire”, and is working on the release of her heavily anticipated EP “Goddess Vibrations". Keep up with Chytrice by following her on social media and streaming her hit collaboration “Love Games” available on all platforms now.

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