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Born in Chicago and raised in Texas Senpaii The Indigo Child is a Mulit-Genre recording artist and is making waves in the music industry. I chose the name Senpaii because in the Japanese language it means master or teacher and that’s what I do with my music, teach and show rap and hip hop from a conscious perspective rather than the typical style of Rap. Fusing two of the industry's greatest genres R&B and HipHop I have created a sound that cannot be replicated only appreciated…check out my latest EP “Eye Am Senpaii” on all streaming platforms to have a taste of the Indigo vibe! From winning music competitions in Dallas and traveling to Brooklyn, NY, and performing in front of very credible industry execs and labels and getting traction and networking done out there to be on the road to Atlanta to do more shows it’s no question that the work ethic and drive every independent artist needs he has and the numbers don’t lie… One of the most universal artists of this time…the world is just now waking up to him.

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