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Official lyrics for cole summer - Trae-D Lyrics

Muse by Trae-D

Written By: JonTrae Rhoades

Performed By: Trae-D

Genres: Soulful, Hip Hop, Spiritual

BPM: 84

I gotta dollar and a dream it’s bout the time I cash out 

with every chick I use to meet had to see what that ass bout

 but now I’m disciplined if we don’t connect my d I ain’t puttin in 

a fighter made it out when they all doubted like I couldn’t win yea 

look at the shit I done accomplished received a lot but still got so much I wanna encompass 

yea I’m tryna wake up when I please 

book a flight me and my shawty airports  overseas 

exotic fruits hydrating from coconuts on the trees 

grab a yacht hit the water or fuck with them jet skis 

being with you excites me 

in love I might be 

hope my heart ain’t play tricks sometimes it tends to psyche  me 

emancipation park if you looking where I might be 

laid out after the gym where the sun light be 

5 days straight fruits you need to be like me

 instead of pouring up a line and being where then sprites be 

but I understand to each it’s own 

my next move is only eating the shit  I done grown 

with some salmon got a couple recipes I’m working on 

but as for all that other shit I’m tryna leave alone 

but that’s another journey different conversation 

I need to lock in my higher self tired of waiting 

I took a month off felt like I needed that vacation phone on DND don’t think I’m ignoring notifications 

but if you do though then I apologize I’m influential you can follow but don’t idolize remember freestyling beating on lockers wilding at the hive 

back then I should’ve knew that I was chosen but couldn’t see the signs

As the best drop let me get on it 

heard this in the past I knew one day that I would rap on it 

SPITTIN real shit it’s to soulful for me to cap on it 

plug the interface load up the DAW and let me snap on it 

feel like I’m running laps on it I’m really in my own lane 

watch me knock it out the park 9th inning that’s ball game 

I’m tryna cop a couple acres you tryna cop hard chains I ain’t hating we all living my nigga do y’all thing 

Yea I just hop you see the otherside distractions keep us blinded if you don’t then I won’t be surprised 

chlorophyll up in the morning got me feeling energized 

sippin on sone water with a lemon and a couple limes 

been on a detox nigga 

hit the market grab sone herbs I need to restock nigga 

yea lifestyle been in a different mode powerful as ever been feeling like I then cracked the code 

grateful for the blessings and obstacles while I’m on this road 

and the strength he giving me in order to carry this load 

greatest with this shit forever only thing I’m ever  told 

signing me is like a nigga digging who then struck for gold 

dreaming while I’m riding through the ville shout-out my Nigga Cole 

protected in this realm unlike you niggas I don’t need a pole 

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