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Official lyrics for Stories bout my brudda (traemix) - Trae-D Lyrics

Lyric Page for D.Savannah

Written By: JonTrae Rhoades

Performed By: Trae-D

Genres: Soulful, Hip Hop, Spiritual

BPM: 88

My brudda one of one reincarnated I see you in your son 

can’t express my feelings just know that I’m missing you a ton 

was my right hand it was a blessing to know you 

wishing that you could come visit so much that I wanna show you 

I just wish you could spend a lil time with BJ 

wishing  we could go hit the labeurge again for your b-day 

my brudda was the truth ask around and see what the streets say 

competitive ain’t like to taking L’s in the games that we play

Yea let me tell you bout my brudda 

My brudda had some good days to compliment the bad 

my brudda was ecstatic that he was gone be a dad 

my brudda got twin salute to my nigga Brad 

he the reason why I spit through mic what’s up on the pad 

My brudda did good deeds 

down to help you help just had to tell him what you need 

copped the challenger up graded to new speeds would’ve loved to see you grow after you planted them 2 seeds  

My brudda fell in love but also had a couple heart breaks 

my brudda used to call just to check and make sure that I’m straight 

arena music is the type vibes he felt from the music I make know  I cant let you down matter how long it might take 

Me and my brudda disagreed my brudda spoke his mind that’s the type of friend that you need 

my brudda ain’t want much but to see his nigga succeed 

me and my use to trap all through the night just blowing trees 

then we would catch a couple Z’s wake up and pull up to the Mickey D’s 

My brudda was a real one I take that back cause In my eyes my brudda you still one don’t worry bout T2 when I make I got your lil one 

with all these songs  i make I know soon that they gone feel one 

And when they do we going up so I hope my niggas prepared 

one thing about my brudda can’t say that he never cared 

my brudda was right there when nobody else was there 

that’s love me and my fucking brudda shared

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